Excerpts from my research narrative

Save our planet!!

When I first came into class, I knew rising sea levels were a very real thing. I didn’t know much, but I knew I cared about ocean life and the rising levels. I started learning about the ocean, temperature and rising sea levels back in elementary school. I just recently since I’ve been in college really gotten into learning more.

On an article about global warming, I learned that within the past one hundred years the global temperature has risen about six degrees’ Celsius. The rate is said to be fast and is expected to increase (Nature.com.) One Hundred and forty-three studies have been conducted regarding a change in temperature. Not only does this affect our ocean levels but our species, animals and communities as well. I do not do well with change so to see such a big leap in the temperature increase is a little scary to me. I wonder what will happen if the temperature continues to increase and our ocean levels rise. I’m specifically interested in what will happen to the environment and climate around us.

So, I decided to do some research, If I truly wanted to grasp this concept and purpose a solution I would need some more information or background on it. On the Scientific American website, I learned that Carbon Dioxide is a fossil fuel, which is a greenhouse gas. The reason why this element is important regarding global warming is because it is a huge reason why globe warming is occurring. It basically acts as a force field trapping radiation from the suns heat in our atmosphere causing our earth to heat up. When is expanding, it is because it is beading heated up. A crazy fact I also learned was this element “Carbon Dioxide” has been increasing for centuries causing the arctic ice to melt or sink. Science tests and experts say that fossil fuels are a big reason for Globe Warming.

Global warming must do with ice melting from fossil fuels but on the Scientific America website, said “America has been the biggest producer of Carbon Dioxide from all our factory’s and gases inn all of history (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/02/)” This makes me wonder what countries like Japan rank on the spectrum. I know Coal pollution leads to hundreds of deaths per year and this too is a reason for global warming. (Scientific America)

Scientific America produces all the carbon dioxide that is heating up our planet So, now that I had a little more background on Carbon Dioxide, I wanted to dig a little deeper on what it will do to the climate over time. On my global climate change website, I learned that the “sea level has risen nearly 7 inches over the past one hundred years and by 2009 the water level could range anywhere from seven to twenty-seven inches!” (Global Climate change) This means flooding will occur on ocean side property, some might be submerged by water and worse of all in my opinion ecosystems on the coast could be harmed. Places like “mangrove forest and coral reefs and endanger.” (Owl Perdue)

Our coral reefs are endangering and Ice has been lost from West Antarctica and Greenland! Ice and glaciers from the arctic are melting and gushing into the sea from the excess water through ice streams. (Climate Change) I agree that we have excess water though ice steams, what happens is the fossil fuels that are burning up and humans that are naturally releasing huge amounts of gases which trap heat into the atmosphere, causing these ice caps to melt. (Sea level Rise) “All this extra heat cause the oceans to maintain 80 percent heat difference.” (Climate Change) What this means is 80 percent of the sun’s heat is absorbed by the ocean and changes the ocean temperature. I agree with this because this creates the earth’s surface to eat up and ocean levels rise. Scientist believe that if these “gaze levels don’t decrease or cool down; the sea will continue to rise and horrible coastal disasters will begin to happen.” (Ted talk) Naturally, erosion occurs but we could risk losing all types of plants, birds and even fish. I agree because sea life is being affected as well “Water will flood and agriculture soil contamination regarding an aquifer will occur.” (Rising Sea Level)

After learning about floods in agriculture soil I also agree with the magazine shift and how it talks about the “Ten most affected countries of climate change.” Developing worlds appear to be the most “at-risk” country’s. Levels have not only been increasing in Africa but Asia as well. These places have a lack of food, shelter and clothing. Rain falls on top of the humanity and ice caps meeting, so they get hit three times as hard. Even though the united states are said by experts to be the cause of global warming because of all our fossil fuels and carbon dioxide we are actually low risk of ocean levels increasing. (Ten most affected) Norther Europe is also at low risk associated to global warming, but sadly residents that live in these more developed countries’ may still have to relocate homes in the feature. (Magazine shift) All the “197 anions are still expected to endure droughts, cyclones and landslides at the sea level increase.” (Magazine Shift) So, starting our list for the top ten is Bangladesh. Most of Bangladesh is on “twelve meters above sea level and the climate is a tropical monsoon country.” (Climate Change) They have cyclones, floods, tornados and is currently suffering from extreme rain fall. These natural disasters cause the citizens to have a lack of food, shelter and health. The ground is also breaking underneath the citizens from all the natural distress. Water and earth quakes tend to make matters worse. (magazine shift.)

So, In the article on the “Top ten countries affected by climate change” I also learned number two is most affected is in Africa, Guinea Bissau which is located on the west coast of Africa from the ground-breaking underneath. This climate is also tropical, swampy but the inland is more of a desert. The rainy season is said to be hot rain, windy, unpredictable and irregular. The coast is constantly dealing with rising tides, thermal ocean expansion and flooding. This too causes loss of food, security, stocks, reefs, soil and agriculture fields. This does affect 2/3rds of the population and the country is already dependent on foreign aid to make matter worse. (Top Ten)

So, as you can see a huge part of our population is affected and global warming is very serious. Many people have been affected by it and hurt. So, the question remains what can we do to prevent global warming? First, we need to stop using so much fossil fuel, this was mentioned previously in the Scientific America website. This can be anywhere from using less energy to use more solar and wind power. Just how Scientific America website talks about, we could change our lightbulbs to more energy effacements ones, use less gasoline by carpooling or biking. So, what should we do about this? Well, Planting trees is also huge! (Top Ten) “This stops or slightly slows global warming because trees create oxygen while taking in all the bad carbon dioxide.” Reducing waste is also a great way to stop global warming! Also, trees are beautiful, smell good and benefit your health! How do we reduce waste? Waste requires energy to manufacture it and putting it in and fills just produces more greenhouse gases. So, recycle, not only are you saving the environment but making money doing it! Recycling is so easy and you even get money if you recycle! Another question is how can we educate people on global warming? We can hold seminars, hand out flyers and talk about it with friend. What can we do to make an impact? Something so simple as too separating your metals, plastic, class and paper waste could reduce greenhouse gases! Everyone can do this and it really does make an impact. How do we get people to do this? We need to be the example and take the first step in helping the environment. Cities even started consuming a significant amount of water, this also reduces energy so conserve water! (Top Ten) To reflect on this, I think if you are going to consume so much water you need to reduce the energy to make up for it. All and all we need to conserve water and energy together. I even tried putting a bucket in my shower once, taking a shower and collecting all the excess water. One I was done I went outside to my lawn in the middle of summer) and dumped it all over my grass. I know that made a little difference but every little thing counts!

After helping the environment personally, my conclusion is global warming is happening to us and our world. A solution to these problems could be solar panels! Just putting black panels on your house to conserve energy and help water usage through the sun is a great way to help the environment in an effective way. To reflect on Top Ten about conserving water and energy, it’s very important and helps our environment in a huge way. Some people are causing it and some are suffering from it but we all need to work together to prevent it. To reflect on the Scientific America Website, Carbon dioxide is getting into our environment but if we retract factory use and fossil fuels it could make all the difference. Solar panels could help all these issues. So, recycle, conserve water, energy, waste, get solar panels and our sea leaves will be 1 inch less risen hopefully! Let get rid of these greenhouse gases, fossil fuels and put these glaciers back in the arctic! We need to take care of our environment and this serious issue.




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